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Corporate Profile: Medical Imaging Technologies Inc.

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Medical Imaging Technologies Inc. (M.I.T.) in Thomson, Ga., prides itself on its quality work and outstanding customer service. For more than a quarter of a century, owner Rick Player and the highly skilled individuals at M.I.T. monitor the pulse of the medical imaging industry to ensure the company’s ability to provide the services customers need.

“I started this company in 1987 with my business partner Roger Stephens. At that time we serviced Phillips CT mostly. Later, we had to change and evolve into doing GE because they started to take over a lot of the CT market,” Player says. “Today, CT is still the majority of our business, but we started doing a few other things to keep our customers happy. I attribute my success to staying current with how the market for different brands is changing and being able to evolve so the company doesn’t fall behind.”

corporate-11Staying abreast of the latest technologies is important, but it is not the only aspect of M.I.T.’s business.

“We are also successful because we do whatever it takes to get the customer up and running and to make them happy,” Player says.

The people at M.I.T. don’t just say they are concerned about the needs of their customers. Everybody from the top down places an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

“The advantage we have over some companies is that we really care about our customers,” Players stresses. “We create relationships by visiting them frequently – even when their equipment is running fine. When equipment does go down, an engineer leaves right away to get to the site ASAP. We do not leave them waiting.”

The goal is top-quality, same-day service.

“Ninety-nine percent of the time we have the equipment up and running the same day, but there are a few cases where something takes a little bit longer,” Player explains. “When that happens, I always visit the site personally. It brings ease to them because they know we care and we are actually doing everything possible.”

“Also, we work overnight to fix things with no extra charge, so that way the customer can finish out the day and does not have to be down during business hours,” Player says.

He says one example of the type of service and positive relationship M.I.T. strives to have with all its customers is best illustrated by examples of the work it does for current clients.

“Our customer Crucial Care was struggling to find service companies that would actually care about them and give them the service they deserved. When they were told about our company we quickly came in and set the standard for service,” Player recalls. “They were so happy that we actually cared about their business that we quickly became good friends.”

In fact, when Crucial Care of Jacksonville, Fla., was later looking to expand its operations it turned to M.I.T.

The first call Debbie Willis, executive vice president of operations for Crucial Care, made was to Player at M.I.T.


Going back several years, Willis says she’s never used another vendor to supply any of the medical equipment that M.I.T. can provide. Even though M.I.T. is located several hundred miles away. Willis and the rest of the C-Suite at Crucial Care have such affection for Player and the staff at M.I.T. that they consider the company an extension of their own.

“They’re just not located in our office and they don’t work under our name, but they’re under our umbrella,” Willis says.

In Willis’s words, the customer experience provided by M.I.T. has colored the very perception of contract shopping at Crucial Care to the point that “every vendor that we associate ourselves with are referred to as Rick Player-like vendors.”

“They have to meet that standard he has set and maintained in the past six years, or else we don’t associate with them,” she says.

M.I.T. is an expert source when it comes to GE CT equipment, but the company also recently began working on X-ray equipment. Technicians attend training sessions on a regular basis build on their expertise.

“What we have been doing the longest, and know the most, is GE CT. We have multiple highly trained service engineers for GE CT,” Player says. “We started servicing X-ray equipment last year. We mostly service control-X and GE rad rooms and fluoroscopy rooms. We also service GE portable X-ray units.”


Training allows M.I.T. to meet the needs of its customers and expand the amount of service the company can provide. If a CT customer wants M.I.T. to service their X-ray equipment, Player says technicians will attend training sessions on the customers’ X-ray devices so they are able to “to learn everything about that piece of equipment.”

“In the future, we will keep rolling with the punches and continue picking up new and different things,” Player says. “In the very near future we are sending some engineers to school for Toshiba CT. We will have that service to offer in the coming years.”

Great employees are another very important part of M.I.T.

“All of our engineers do a great job and they are very knowledgeable,” Player says. “Senior Service Engineer Frank Watts is very good at teaching the other engineers everything he knows. He is not scared to take on anything. I know I can rely on him to learn something new very quickly. Like the X-ray equipment, he jumped right in to researching and learning about the systems. He becomes an expert at everything we decide to service.”

Growth is inevitable when a company has existed for more than 25 years and M.I.T has expanded over the years and continues to increase its market area.

“We are very excited about our expansion in Florida and New Jersey,” Player says. “We look forward to bringing the service excellence to those customers that our current customers already experience.”

“We have a 10,000 square foot warehouse where we stage CTs for training our engineers and we refurbish the CTs for customers,” Player adds. “We have a painting station to paint the covers so the refurbished CTs not only run like new, but look like new as well.”

Exceptional service and outstanding customer relations are expected at M.I.T. – it’s just the way they do business.

“The most important thing about the way we do business is that I want to lay down at night and know I was honest, did not take advantage of anyone, that my customer is up and running and that we have a good relationship,” Player says. “Also, our mission statement is, ‘Do whatever it takes to get the job done.’ ”

“I want people to know that we are good honest people that care about our customers and that we have very qualified engineers,” he adds.



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