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ASADAL-M1 was developed by GEMSS UROCAMP to provide a user-friendly, customized solution for patients with kidney stones.

Our 9” Image Intensifier, 1k CCD camera and high-performance Tube (Rotating, 300KHU) produce high quality images that make stone locating fast and precise, resulting in shortened procedure times and reduced exposure to the patient.

Our ultra-stable shock wave generator, the result of 15 years of accumulated technology, delivers stable shockwaves throughout the procedure for efficient stone fragmentation.

In the field of lithotripsy, the ASADAL-M1 is unmatched for user convenience and patient comfort.

+Specifications at a glance


  1. 300KHU Rotating Anode Tube
  2. 1K high Resolution CCD Camera
  3. 9” Image Intensifier
  4. ABS (Auto Brightness System) Mode


  1. Wie Focal Zone
  2. Effective Focal Depth
  3. Foot Switch / Remote Control
  4. Optimized Image Software for Stone Localization
  5. Management of Patient Information
  6. COM 3.0/USB/CD/DVD


Ergonomic Design

  1. Motorized 6-way table
  2. Motorized C-arm operation
  3. Lower Noise (50dB)
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