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Nueviz 64 slice CT

on Mar 11

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CT  NeuViz 16

The NeuViz 64 is the most recent innovation in CT product offerings. The new design is focused on minimizing patient X-ray dose while maintaining exquisite image quality. The result is a low-dose CT scanner that delivers high patient throughout, is easy to use, performs advanced cardiac imaging and provides for a wide variety of post-processing and diagnostic operations.

Three NeuViz 64 configurations offer cutting edge technology to match varying imaging needs.

  • 64i – For the radiology department, the 64i delivers 64-slice imaging at a 16-slice price.
  • 64e Basic – Delivers maximum tube power and is upgradable for cardiac imaging.
  • 64e Cardiac – Neusoft’s most powerful, full-featured cardiac imaging system.

NeuViz 16 slice CT also available.

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