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Belle Mead Fox Hunt

M.I.T. Participates in Annual Belle Meade Fox Hunt

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Belle Meade Fox Hunt

A famous toast by Margaret E. “Pinkie” Knox immortalized on the Belle Meade Hunt website says “The hunters of Belle Meade ever seek to contrive, to keep all the memories of hunting alive. They bring to this sport a great joy and a love, always asking for blessings from the Spirit above.” This sentiment sums up the passion, camaraderie, and skill applied to the annual fox hunt in Thomson, Georgia.

Belle Mead Fox HuntM.I.T., also located in Thomson, Georgia, participates each year in the hunt. The excitement of the festivities serves as a great backdrop to an opportunity to set aside the hassle and stress of  the daily grind. M.I.T. employees can enjoy the outdoors, while strengthening the bonds of their team with a family spirit.

According to the Belle Meade Hunt website the annual hunt is “steeped in tradition and built on a foundation of faith, family, and fellowship.” The location is “known for both Southern hospitality and unparalleled sport. Riding with Belle Meade is an experience like none other.” That is exactly why the M.I.T. group makes this an annual activity for their staff.

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