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2017 GSHMM Annual Conference

M.I.T. participates in the 2017 GSHMM Annual Conference

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2017 GSHMM Annual Conference

M.I.T. President Rick Player, COO Sarah Lee, and representatives from the InterMed Group recently participated in the 2017 Georgia Society of Healthcare Materials Management (GSHMM) Annual Conference. This year’s GSHMM conference was held in Marietta, GA, and hosted by the Georgia Hospital Association (GHA).

GHA is a nonprofit trade association made up of member health systems, hospitals and individuals in administrative and decision-making positions within those institutions. Its purpose is to promote the health and welfare of the public through the development of better hospital care for all of Georgia’s citizens. GHA members, like M.I.T., are committed to improving institutional health care services and, in turn, patient care. You can learn more about this organization and upcoming events by clicking here.











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