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IAMERS Annual Meeting

M.I.T. to participate at IAMERS Annual Meeting

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IAMERS_logoM.I.T. is headed to Charleston, SC, May 4-6, to participate in the 23rd annual IAMERS meeting. This year’s 3-day meeting will take place at the Charleston Place Hotel and feature invaluable updates on the medical equipment industry, education, and networking.


M.I.T. has been a longtime member of IAMERS. The International Association of Medical Equipment Remarketers and Servicers, better known as IAMERS, was formed in 1993.  It’s membership is comprised of companies ranging from the largest OEMs to smaller highly specialized ones that sell, service and finance pre-owned medical imaging devices. Members are able to participate in ongoing educational programs, legislative and governmental agency lobbying, as well as partnering with other trade associations and representation around the world on quality and regulatory issues.

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IAMERS annual meeting

Top left: IAMERS sign welcoming attendees to the 23rd annual meeting in Charleston, SC.

Top right: Sarah Lee and Ed Sloan of Ed Sloan & Associates.

Bottom left: Between educational sessions, Frank Lewis of AllParts Medical snaps a photo with Sarah Lee

Bottom right: Josh Block of Block Imaging and Sarah Lee attending a networking event during the annual meeting




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